Tuesday, September 1, 2015

IT'S BACK ON......

So here I am again, blogging.  I keep thinking how I am missing out on documenting so many amazing things but its just finding the time to do it but I guess you just have to make time so I am!  Summer was awesome!  Summer is by far my most favorite time of year.  The weather is warm and there are no bedtimes.  It doesn't get better than that.  We spend endless hours at the baseball fields and every Saturday at a horse show.  I am actually learning to enjoy the horse shows too!  Raelynn took lessons all last winter and it has made a HUGE differences in her riding, courage and confidence.  She still loves everything about horses and her competitions and it is so rewarding to see our investment in lessons and horses paying off.  This summer was a little odd though in the amount of rained out shows and eventually her fractured hand/wrist.  We had so many rained out shows that our last horse show this year is all the way into October.  We are usually done by early September.  Raelynn also wrecked on her new bike she got for her birthday and fractured her wrist or lower part of the palm of her hand.  She did this on July 12th and she is still in a splint.  Ok, so maybe some of the delay in her recovery was because I ignored her constant complaints of pain for the first 4 days but what does one expect when she complains about body parts hurting ALL the time. Anyway, long story short, after multiple days of complaining I finally stopped long enough to look at the injury I thought she was just being a drama queen about it but it was incredibly swollen and black and blue.  We visited the doctor the next day and finally after 4 sets of x-rays and what seems like an eternity in a brace, she says it is finally feeling better.  We go back to the doctor tomorrow and cross our fingers, she will get to take the splint off.  She is more than ready!  Anyway, she missed a few shows due to this but I let her ride this past weekend and she didn't miss a beat and is right back in her element.  This was the majority of Raelynn News over the summer and now she is back in school.  She was scared to start 5th Grade, scared of her teacher and just plain scared to grow up.  I expressed her fears to her teacher at our before school conferences and she seemed sympathetic.  I never expected how wonderful her teacher would be though.  We had told her that Raelynn enjoyed helping in the classroom and literally that very night we went in to drop off school supplies and meet the teacher, her teacher asked her for her help with a new student.  Instantly you saw Raelynn relax and agree to help and jump right in.  Literally I was shocked, her teacher didn't miss anything we told her.  She instantly connected with Raelynn and these first 2 weeks of school have been a dream for her and for us.  She does not have any friends in her class this year but that seems to be a good thing.  There has been no drama nor has she felt left out. It is truly a wonderful start to the year.  Now the thought that this is her last year in Elementary School makes me tear up but I will try not to think about that any sooner than I have too.

Coop had a fabulous summer as well.  He played baseball and now is in soccer.  The kid lives for sports.  He loves soccer, baseball and basketball and according to him, if he was allowed to play it, he would like football as well!  He is so intense it is incredible fun to watch him.  He is also laid back enough he doesn't get upset over much.  We had the best cardiology appointment in early August than we have ever had.  The leakage around the valve her received last year had completely sealed up and the doctors said he look great.  We had been expecting a surgery in September due to the amount of leakage they had seen 6 months ago.  Now they were telling us he looks great and doesn't even have to come back for a visit for a year!  We have never went a year without a visit to cardiology.  It was an incredibly free feeling and even Coop recognized the excitement of that.  Coop is still a very laid back kid but that sometimes causes a little conflict between he and I.  The boy does not have a "hurry" speed and sometimes his lacadasical attitude makes me what to scream but all in all he is still my sweet boy.  Cooper loves school as well and is doing well, at least doing well except for last Friday.  Last Friday he had a little trouble paying attention in school.  I am not a big fan of misbehavior and we let Coop know it was not acceptable for him to ever causes problems at school.  I made him write apologies notes to the teachers, apology notes to the other boys who got in trouble with him, a journal entry about his day and how it made him fee and his numbers from 1-150 in even numbers because that is what he was suppose to be doing at one time he got in trouble.  All in all I think I got my point across because he has been great this week.  It could have also been impacted by the fact that if he misbehaved again we would pull him from soccer!  "No!  Not Soccer!"

Terry is diligently working on the basement in his free time on weekends.  Finishing the basement has became a huge issue lately because Raelynn needs to move her bedroom down there and I need a place the kids can hang out with the friends.  Therefore we finish the basement or move and well, moving is not an option right now! I truly can't wait until it's done because it really will open up so much more room for us.

Tonight was a great night.  We didn't have anything going on and we were able to come home, work outside for a bit, make dinner, do homework and get ready for tomorrow and everyone still in bed by their bedtimes.  That does not happen very often around here but it sure is nice when it does.  With the kids both so self sufficient and Raelynn's love for cooking, I will say the school nights have seemed much better than last year as well as the mornings.  Raelynn now makes dinner 2X per week and loves it.  I love it too because cooking is not my favorite things to do.  So basically everything is fabulous and I have the best family ever!  I guess I could have just typed that and summed it all up there!

Dinner on the deck, compliments of Raelynn

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Blog is Returning!

Enough is enough! The Keefer Family Blog will be returning September 1st!  Stay Tuned!

Friday, June 5, 2015


Awe it's finally Friday!  Usually I am ecstatic for Friday but tomorrow my sassy little girl leaves for 4H Camp and it makes me a little sad.  I don't know when she grew up but it seemed to happen overnight.  I love her so much and she makes everyday interesting.  She will be gone for 4 days and we are going to miss her.  When I was snuggling with Coop at bedtime he asked if it is tomorrow that Sissy leaves.  I told him it was and he said real sad like, "Awe so no fun with Sissy for awhile."  They love each other so much.

The things I am thankful for today is being a mother, my boss Tom and God.  Being a mother has been the greatest experience of my life.  My boss, Tom, makes me laugh every day.  He always puts family first and there could not be anything more important to me than that.  I am thankful for God because he has given me so many blessings and without him I am sure I would be wondering and lost.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


People that write self improvement books obviously do not have multiple jobs, multiple children and an inability to say no because if they did they would realize there is no time to for me to improve myself!!!!!  I mean really! I start my day at 4 am and I still am not done.  Yes I am partly to blame for that because I choose to do what I do but when you love what you do it's hard to say no to things.  Today I went from workout to work to PTO meeting back to work to baseball game to home to maid, chef, organizer, bedtime story reader to communications representative to more computer time to now.  In there somewhere I also grocery shopped, ran errands and explained to Coop why we can pee all over the toilet in the bathroom!  Okay, venting is over and here I am trying to make my 2 minute journal entry for the day.  There are so many things I am thankful for that it is hard for me to just write down 3 per day but I guess eventually I will get to them all.  Today I am thankful for my sister Steph, my good friend Andrea and my job.  Steph and I have been close for years and I always love watching her grow up.  Even as I watch her experience motherhood I love seeing her grow.  She is just an awesome person who makes me laugh.  She knows what I am thinking without me saying a word and she is so supportive.  She is also brutially honest but sometimes we all need that.  I love her so much and am just so thankful that my sister can also be my best friend.  Andrea is another of my best friends.  I met her through our daughters and she is wonderful.  She also makes me laugh and is every definition of a good friend.  She is so giving, encouraging and supportive.  I love her to death and am so thankful that our daughters became friends so I could find such a valuable friendship with her.  I am so thankful for my job for every reason people are normally thankful for their job but also because I find it challenging and exciting.

Coop had another baseball game tonight and I am happy to report he is still undefeated!  These boys rock and I am having so much fun watching them.

Monday, June 1, 2015


It is June 1st and we are officially 1 full week into summer vacation.  Last week was awesome!  The kids were home with the sweetest "baby sitter" in the world.  This year we decided to have a friend's daughter watched the kids a couple days out of the week so they didn't have to go to Boys and Girls Club every day.  The situation is that Coop is happy wherever he is as long as there is something to do that involves his buddies and a ball.  Raelynn on the other hand has a very different opinion of things.  She doesn't mind being bored she just doesn't care for certain things and one of those things is summer Boys and Girls Club.  Last year was a struggle and I knew this year would be worse so we are doing what we can to accommodate because I absolutely understand where she is coming from.  Therefore we have arranged things so she will only be at BGC for 1 or 2 days a week and one of those days is a swim day which is always good.  Raelynn is also "working" at our old daycare a few days this summer.  I cannot tell you how sweet it is of her old daycare providers to let her do this and she is so excited.  Anyways we have the summer pretty well ready to go.

Coop has had 3 baseball games so far and is currently undefeated.  He loves baseball..........and soccer and basketball and the list goes on.  It is fun to watch he and his friends though.  The boys are really starting to grow up but they still love to cuddle with their mommies so it's almost the perfect combination.  Raelynn had her first horse show of the season yesterday.  It was evident that lessons are really paying off.  We have all knew horses this year so we weren't sure exactly how things were going to go but she came out with 2 Firsts and 4 Seconds so not too bad at all.  I was so proud of her. She has been working so hard and it is really showing.

I am all into these self improvement books lately.  It is a little weird because I am super happy with my life but I think things can always be better so why not work at making them better.  I have stepped up my workouts, I am making sure the food around the house is healthier, I have completely outlined our budget and am working on improving finances and the list goes on and on.  One of the things I read lately that would improve your happiness was to write down 3 things you are thankful for everyday and journal for at least 2 minutes.  I have no idea how long I will keep this up but the 3 things I am thankful for today are Raelynn, Cooper and Terry.  I would not have the life I have without them.  Thankful is a huge understatement to what I feel for having them in my life.

Today was a Monday.  It hardly seemed we had a weekend and I felt like I was playing catch up all day.  However, it was a beautiful day and it did not rain so that was A W E S O M E!  When we got home I made dinner while Raelynn studied for her horse test and Coop played outside with our new neighbor.  It's super cute to watch them.  It's what I have always wanted for Coop, someone right next door he can always just run a play with around the yard.  I love living in Lawrence!