Saturday, January 31, 2015


Well things are really starting to get going again!  It seems like things get crazy for Christmas, then Christmas is over, then it settles down.  It almost gets boring.....then......the craziness returns.  I spent 2 weeks sick, really sick, and was really beginning to wonder if it was going to pass but finally it has!  The kids started basketball back up and it seems birthday parties are in full force so the shuttle service has returned as well!

Last weekend Mom and a friend of hers came up and attended Transformations with Terry and I and many others.  It was a unique experience and a lot of fun.  It is a charity event where girls compete in a pageant like show and the winner wins $10K for the charity of their choice.  Amber Temple competed for CCF and did amazing!  She made it to the Top 5 and we were all so proud of her.  It was a unique experience but so fun!

On Sunday of last week there was a change in coaches for Raelynn's basketball team so I am now helping coach.  We had one practice and then it was game time today.  The girls did really well.  They have so much to learn but it was fun and were very proud of them.  It should be a fun season!

My Nerium Business is going well.  The product is amazing so it easily sells itself which makes my job very easy.  I want to get it into the hands of others as well but it is good.  I am excited with the thought of generating extra income and being able to use a product I love.

The kids are fabulous.  I love them both so much and as I type they are lying together watching TV.  As much as they pretend not to like each other they so do!

Sunday, January 18, 2015


It is so hard to prepare for the start of the work week when the kids nor any of my friends have to work tomorrow, Grrrrr!  Even my workout group isn't meeting until I am headed to work tomorrow!  Oh well, the kids have a fun day planned with Aunt Karli; I just hope she is up for it!  :)

We had a very fast weekend.  After 2 weeks of not feeling too well I was a little behind.  We spent all day Saturday running errands and catching up on things we have let slide.  I did sneak a baby shower in of a really good friend of mine which was great.  Today I was up early to run and then off to church.  The weather was so beautiful the kids had friends over and we went to visit Raelynn's bunny and they played at the house.  Before I knew it the sun was setting and I hadn't even made it to the store.  So I was off to the grocery store with Coop while Terry and Raelynn headed off to Terry's Club 13 meeting.  Now it's 10pm and I need to go to bed but my head is spinning with what still needs done.

Just living the dream!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Last week can be summed up with one word.....SICK!  I was sick, and come to find out very sick. I got over the stomach flu the week before last and turned right around and got a cold.  Last Sunday I didn't feel well at all, Monday there was no improvement, Tuesday was a little worse, Wednesday I thought maybe I was getting better, Thursday I knew I was not!  Fortunately I had my annual doctors appointment scheduled from months ago.  I was relieved I was going to the doctor because to just go to the doctor for a stinkin' old cold seemed so pointless but I just couldn't seem to shake it.  Well come to find out I had started with Influenza which had developed a secondary infection in my right lung causing pneumonia!  My doctor who is amazing simply said, "Kristi, you're sicker than shit!"  She said she was "pulling out her big guns" and prescribed me some high dose antibiotics, tamaflu and lectured me awhile about how sick I was.  I looked at her and said, "Does this mean I shouldn't go back to work today?"  I thought she was going to hit me upside my head.  She said "that means you don't go back to work today OR tomorrow!"  Ugh, so there I was at 11am on Thursday and headed home.  I thought it was all crazy but I felt pretty rotten so going home was looking a little appealing.  I was just super happy I would be feeling better soon.  Matters a fact I assumed I would feel much better by morning and probably could go back to work on Friday.  Unfortunately Friday morning came along and I didn't feel better at all.  By mid morning I was coughing so much I was throwing up, I was chilled again and my head continued to feel like a sledge hammer was pounding it at the base of my skull.  I couldn't believe I didn't feel better!  I slept on and off throughout the day and tried to work a little when I was awake.  When I woke up Saturday morning I was hopeful I would feel better then and I thought I maybe did but still I wasn't feeling right.  I was really getting worried because I did not want another week of this.  Then this morning came and I woke up at 7am, mopped my floors, started laundry, got the paper, and yes!  I felt better!  Much much better!  I am still constantly blowing my nose and my head still hurt but nothing like it had been.  I actually got ready for church and didn't even have to take a break from being tired and week.  I was so excited!  We had a nice day and I felt much better.  The menu is planned, my workouts are outlined and I am ready for next week.  I have a lot of work and meetings to make up after last week but I am so excited to do it.  I am so thankful for feeling up to it!!!

This past week while I was sick, this is who made our dinners and she did it so well!  Love her so much!

Raelynn was rewarded for all her hard work with a trip to Weston MO with her BFF!  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Some nights bedtime is my favorite time of the evening.  It isn't because the kids are going to bed but because it is a quiet time I am one on one with each of them.  We have had some great conversations in this 15 minutes or so each night.  Tonight was one of those nights with Coop.  I still say prayers with Coop.  We take turns saying them.  Tonight it was his turn.  Our friends lost a very special person today and our family had talked about it earlier in the evening.  So as Coop was saying his prayers he says, "God please take care of Kaden and Brooks Grandma up there with you she may not know where everything is yet."  Now it was actually their Great Grandma but I didn't say a word.  It made me tear up and chuckle at the same time.  I love his perspective on things and his thoughtfulness.  After prayers he says, "Mom, Henri Matisse, he's a famous artist, when he was little he was in the hospital and had his appendix out.  His Mom bought his an art set and that is when he found out he loved art!"  I asked a few questioned and learned that he painted with a stick?  He told me several other facts and then said, "that's what we learn in art then we get to paint like the artist we learn about.  It's pretty cool."  I cannot tell you how much I like to see and hear him learn.  He so loves school and everything about it.  You never really know what he is learning until he decides to tell you but when he does, I am always blown away.

So after a couple nights of missing out on bedtime because I have been sick, I am so happy to be back in the routine.  I can only hope this stinkin cold completely goes away soon.  My nighttime work and early morning workouts are suffering greatly! Grrrrr!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Well Coop is feeling much better!  We did go and see Dr. Kelley yesterday and luckily Coop was not dehydrated and was on the way up.  Today he slept until 10:30am and felt good when he woke up.  He ate a little today as well.  The best part of the day came though when we got to see old friends.  Coop's friends, Kaden and Brooks were still in town and came over to play this afternoon!  The best part for Raelynn and I was that their little sister came along.  It was a fun afternoon for us all.  Raelynn baked cookies for us all as well and I didn't help one bit.  She is growing up so fast and becoming so helpful!

Love friends, love weekends, love my kids!