Saturday, May 16, 2015


Am I the only Mom that feels consumed by laundry?  I mean seriously, how can I do a load of laundry every night and still be buried in it by the weekend?!  Oh yea, I remember now, it's called a girl that changes hourly yet everything she puts on is DIRTY!  I remember my Mom always saying, "Why is this in the laundry, you just wore it for a few hours!"  Now I totally get it.  Today was a completely packed day starting at 7am.  The kids and I headed out early to a strawberry farm to pick strawberries.  It was a lot of fun however it is important to note for next year that 15lbs of strawberries are a lot of strawberries.  After that Raelynn spent the morning cleaning horse stalls and riding Moon.  Of course it was a perfect morning for her.  Coop and I ran errands, cleaned strawberries, picked up the house and of course, did laundry.  We picked Raelynn up a little after noon and ate lunch, ran more brands, clean more strawberries and did more laundry.  We bought Raelynn a phone today.  I had very mixed feelings about her having a phone until a few weeks ago.  Situations arise that make you realize it is super nice that they can reach you anytime they need to.  Sometimes it's to ask you questions you have already answered but they just didn't like the answer, and sometimes it's just to say I love you which to me says, "it's been a long day and I just wanted to hear you voice."  Regardless the reason, it was time to give her the ability to reach us anytime.  There are many restrictions that are going along with the phone but I am so happy she has it.  Coop felt a little left out during the whole process and I feel for him.  He will always be the youngest and the last to get things but it's life and I know how he feels but there are great things about being the youngest too.  Anyway, we had one really happy girl.  So Coop headed to a birthday sleepover tonight and I was looking forward to a night with Raelynn.  It doesn't happen very often that she is home and Coop isn't but by 7pm she had a horrible headache and was in tears.  I am so worried she is starting to have migraines like I do.  It is awful to watch her and it brings back such horrible memories.  I think I started getting them when I was 11 or 12.  They hurt so bad and they got worse the older I got.  It wasn't until after I had Raelynn that I finally received a daily medication that has pretty much stopped them altogether.  Once I can be sure that is what is going on with her I will be seeking treatment for her because they are awful!!!!!  Anyway, she is now asleep, I have received a cute pic of Coop and his friends from the sleep over and Terry is sound asleep on the couch.  Another awesome day is over.  I really do love my life and my family!
Raelynn 's Baby Bunnies
Coop's First Baseball Game

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


My sweet Cooper.  I always say he is the sweetest boy ever but is still such a boy.  He says "I love you" about a thousand times a day.  He says it so often I sometimes think he doesn't even realize it.  This past weekend he says, "Mom you know what?"  This is always followed by "I love you" and sure enough that was what he said.  Then he said, "Mom do you know why I love you?"  I said, "No but I would love to know why you love me."  His response, "Because you show me you care about me every day."  Of course that earned him a big hug and kiss!  He's just so darn cute.  Tonight he was saying his prayers and he always thanks God for our food, warm home, etc and tonight he ended his long list of thanks with, "and most importantly thank you for just a little bit of sugar."  I had no idea that sugar was so important to him.  However, I had allowed him to pack 3 squares of a Herschey's Bar in his lunch tomorrow and that must have been a bigger deal than I thought!

Last night was Coop's 1st Music Program.  30 Minutes or so before the program was to begin, the electricity went out.  Mrs. Bonner, the amazing music teacher, acted as if it was no big deal and just moved the program outside.  The kids loved it.  We were fortunate to have a beautiful evening.  The kids just gathered around and sang and many danced.  Coop usually hardly sings but last night he sang and danced the entire night.  It was pretty funny!  That was followed by a trip to Orange Leaf for what seemed like the entire school was there.  It was so fun to watch the kids with their friends and watching them having so much fun.  I truly feel like we are surrounded by some of the most amazing families.  I love our Deerfield friends!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Keeping up…

Keeping up with this blog is became virtually impossible, and by virtually impossible I mean totally and completely impossible!  My house still remains spotless, meals continue to be on the table in the evenings and the paper it continues to get done, but the extra things like keeping this blog up-to-date are sliding further and further behind. 
The kids are still amazing. Raelynn has started riding lessons consistently now as the show season approaches. She lives and breathes to ride. I remember when she was small and I wondered how long she would stay interested in it. I assumed it was a passing phase but I was seriously mistaken. Her lessons are bringing fantastic results and her determination to be better is wonderful. She now also has 6 chickens and will have baby bunnies soon. She is such a farm girl and we are so fortunate to have family and friends that will house her growing animal family. She is also doing amazing in school it makes us very proud. I am actually quite astonished at how much she's improved and help her focus has changed throughout the year. She cares about school, she cares about her friendsp, she cares about everything she is doing it and it makes me very proud.  Summer is quickly approaching and we're going to have different plans this year. They will spend some time at Boys and Girls Club but they'll also have a girl who will stay with them twice a week Raelynn  super excited about this as she is been wanting  to be done with Boys and Girls Club for sometime now.

These pics tell the rest...
1st Baby Chick
Daddy Daughter Date Night
St Patrick's Day Parade
Baby chick is growing fast 
Raelynn loves Hadley!
She is becoming quite the cook and a huge help to me!
Easter without Coop as he was very sick ��
Loves her horses.  
Cooper is equally as sweet. He often tells us he loves us almost to the point that I believe it to be habbit rather than really feeling what he saying. But this weekend he asked, "mom do you know why I love you?" I answered "no but I would love for you to tell me."  He says "because you show you really care about us."  These are the sweet things he says daily. Cooper started baseball now and lives for baseball practice and can't wait for his first game. He's so full of energy he's hard to even keep up with. We had a couple bouts of suggested really set him back but he's doing great now I'm back to his old self!
Another tooth lost

The only thing in the world I could ask for would be more time!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


So obviously we made it back from Disney and back to the normal chaos.  We had a great time!  Since we've been back we have had a lot of fun.  Terry and Raelynn had Daddy Daughter Date Night which is always a good time and Coop and I had our own date night.

Coop and Raelynn both had the last of their Basketball games and we are now moving on to Horse Riding and Baseball.

This week Chandler has spent the week with the kids over Spring Break.  We have tried to do their annual spring break surprises but Raelynn is getting to good and has figured them all out based on my very difficult hints.

We did have a great time with the CCF Float in the St. Patrick's Day Parade again this year.  We had an amazing family donate the float this year so it was even a little easier on us.

 All in all another fantastic month!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Today we headed out to the water park we missed out on the second day we were here due to weather. It was a crazy busy day because before we left we had to pack up and check all our bags. The water park was fun but swimming with sharks was not what Raelynn expected, pretty disappointing. I'm not sure what she expected but it definitely lacked the danger element for her. After the water park we headed back to the hotel to change and get on the bus back to the airport. Unbelievable our trip is over already. This vacation was definitely all about the kids and NO relaxing for the adults. The kids had a great time though and I was very proud of them both. Raelynn is scared of nothing and can talk to anyone. Sometimes I watch her in amazement. Coop feared much less than I thought he would and continues to be the more reserved and loving child!  I love our time together and as we head to the airport it makes me sad to know tomorrow they will return to school and I will unpack us and get ready to retur.n to out everyday lives. Even though we leave the magical land behind, I know our lives in general are truly full of magic!