Monday, July 28, 2014


Every day I am thankful for the blessings in my life and there are many.  I am so fortunate to love and be loved and to be happy and to bring happiness.  I honestly can say I have close to the perfect life.  However, even knowing that every day, there are still some days that top all.  Watching my kids grow and learn and shine with pride and happiness has to be the best.  Last week was the start of the Douglas County Fair activities and Raelynn was all in this year.  This girl was born to be a farm girl and she lives and breathes for events like this.  Last week she had Buymanship which included putting together outfits and activities and then answering questions about the outfits and how to care for them.  I so wished I could be there for her but I misunderstood the schedule and had not taken the day off work.  Luckily her wonderful Aunt Bonnie was able to take her.  She had so much fun and did such a wonderful job.  She demonstrated great eye contact with the judges and spoke so well during consultation.  She earned herself 2 purples and a blue and received 2 call backs, all of which was fantastic.  My heart was so full with pride. 

Then Tuesday was the Fashion Show where she modeled one outfit of her choice in the fashion show in front of the public, another huge confidence builder.  Again, she made me so proud.  

MacKenna and Raelynn

While we were working on fair Raelynn and Cooper were also scrambling to VBS each night.  The week was long and exhausting but so much fun.  We also squeezed in riding lessons on Wednesday and then there was Friday which was the 7th Annual CCF Golf Tournament!  It was another fantastic year and even though it was insanely hot, we still had a great time.  Aunt Steph came over to help the kids raise over $100 selling lemonade and Rainbow Loom Bracelets.  I love my sister, she is no typical first time parent.  It was 100+ degrees and she did not even flinch to set out under a tent with her sweet Haddie at just 3 months old.  She has no idea how much her relaxed efforts will benefit her daughter in the long run.  I love watching her be a parent and am so proud and the job she and Cody are doing already.  Love them with all my heart and am super thankful for her help!

 So after a long Friday in the heat, Raelynn and I were back at it bright and early Saturday morning at another horse show.  Raelynn was trying out a new horse Saturday so the day came with some excitement.  She did good job and loved the new pony.  Her only reservation in completely falling in love with Patches was her fear that she would have to give up her current Pony, Moon.  It would be her first real loss and I am telling you it will be a very difficult goodbye!

Introducing Patches
We got home Saturday night and were exhausted and so dirty.  We showered and then could do not much more than snuggle in bed.  However, I did manage to try my first braid on Raelynn. It was not perfect but I may actually be able to do it sometime in the near future.  Raelynn said she was proud of my patience but the end product could still use so help!  Gotta love a smarty pants!
 Sunday was a regrouping day and a day to complete Raelynn's final fair projects.  Tonight we submitted all her projects and she had consultation in photography where she picked up another purple. Coop helped her with her bunny for a bit before he found himself bored out of his mind.  This boy was not cut out for this stuff!
 Tonight when we got home a special surprise waiting for Raelynn.  It was her annual scrapbook.  She immediately went to the couch and began looking at it page by page.  It is because of this that I continue to do them.  I love making them feel special.
So we still have much fun to be had.  Tomorrow Coop spends the day with Terry while Raelynn spends the day at fair.  Wednesday Coop has a cardiac appointment and Raelynn will again be at the fair.  Thursday is bunny judging day so I will be at the fair with Raelynn and then Friday we leave for a weekend at the Ozarks………I CANNOT WAIT!  Then the kids leave for Mom's on Monday, that I can wait for.  I miss them already!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Yesterday was a tough day for Raelynn.  She got frustrated and scared and that is never a good combination.  She has came so far and is doing so well but still has so much to learn.  Her pony is a good pony but also very stubborn.  He did not cooperate yesterday and even did a small buck on her.  Anyway, racing was a disaster and she was in tears.  She wants to do so well and has glimpses of competitiveness but most of the time she just wants to have fun which is great but I know if she does well she has fun when she doesn't do well she doesn't have fun.  Anyway it can be frustrating for all of us.  We are going to try another pony next week which will be interesting and she is going to work on more of the show classes because she does really well with them.

I am always amazed at the wonderful people at the horse shows.  They are so kind and so generous.  There are so many different personalities but I have to say I am really starting to enjoy the shows more on that aspect.  I also love spending the day outside and with Raelynn.  She loves everything about it and I don't see her passion dying just frustration increasing.  I believe she will continue to work hard as she has a goal to qualify for state fair!

Coop is done with baseball and will start soccer in August.  The truth is he should not be playing soccer as he struggles to recover after all that running however, we have always said that it is he who has to learn to monitor himself so we will let him figure it out.  He is super excited to play again though.  He needs to have some activity between baseball and basketball so we will see how it goes!

Next week is tarts the craziness of the end of July.  Then the kids head to my Mom's for a week so I will enjoy every crazy second with them until then!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Can I have another weekend please?!  Weekends are amazing!  Some are better than others but this one was really great.  We actually had both days at home since there was no scheduled horse show which made it pretty nice.  Friday night we finally got to have our traditional Friday movie night and made pizzas.  We laughed so hard.  It was a great start to the weekend.

Yesterday Coop had his last baseball game which always makes me sad.  I love Baseball, I love watching Coop play, I love the families that are involved I love watching Terry help coach as well.  It really is super fun.  Coop had some really strong hits and played really well again!  After the game his coach came to the car to thank him for the card he had written to him.  He told Coop he hoped he remembered how much fun he had and that he was one of the best players.  Coop beamed with pride.  Even today he was talking about it.  It was adorable.

While we were at the baseball game Raelynn was on her first trail ride with Aunt Bonnie.  It went equally as well and Raelynn was very excited when I picked her up.  Following that she held a "Loom Party" at our house.  She and some of her friends are making bracelets to sell at the CCF Golf Tournament.  They had a great time and even managed to make a couple bands!

Today I actually got to go to church!  I really needed that.  Then it was pool time for the kids and I.  Another great day.  I didn't get anything done that needed to be done, but built some great memories with two very special people.

Unbelievably I did not make a post on Raelynn's Birthday.  I regret that but thought I would post a few pictures from her multiple parties.  She celebrated with friends at the Holiday Inn and then on her actual birthday with us.  Then on the 4th of July we celebrated with the rest of the family.  She is an amazing kid.  It's hard to believe she is 9 but there are parts of her that make her seem even older.  I love her so much it hurts sometimes.  She and I are so close which sometimes presents problems because we hurt each others feelings at times.  It is going to be so interesting to watch how we grow together.  She teaches me something every day.  She is simply amazing.  I am soooooo happy to be her Mom!

Birthday Breakfast

Birthday Lunch

Grandma and all her Grandkids

4th of July Sillies
Hunter ad Coop

Coop and his golf outfit

Coop with Zane at the Royals