Thursday, August 14, 2014




Last weekend we headed out to Western Kansas to pick up the kids and celebrate my nephews birthday and my Grandma's birthday.  There was so much family there and we had a great time.  Coop has so many boy cousins and he is not used to that with our family of all girls.  I think he was in heaven!  Hunter had a fun birthday and is so cute.  He is horribly ornery but adorably cute!  A good mix I think. My Grandma is amazing.  She is still super sharp and gets along pretty well.  We played cards and just enjoyed every one's company.  My kids could not have been happier.  I am convinced they think Grandma's house is their own personal resort.  They are spoiled rotten but I love the fact that they get so excited to spend the week there.


This one is adorable as well, Hadley loves her cousins!
Hunter loved his birthday cake!
After we returned from Mom's the kids and I had a day of fun.  This has became a tradition that I take a day before school starts where we head to Kansas City for a day of fun and shopping.  Each year the kids get a new Build-a-Bear and we get their school supplies and other things they need.  The kids look forward to this day all year and we do have a great time.

 After out fun at the mall, we were starving so it was on to Fritz's.  The day was complete and we had a great time together.
When we got home we talked Terry into a bike ride.  I love this time of year!

 Tuesday was a crazy day.  I also took this day off to fulfill all of my PTO responsibilities.  It was a fun and hectic day.  We hosted a luncheon for the teachers and staff and then had an ice cream social for the kids.  Then before we knew it, Wednesday came and it was time to start school.  I am so proud of both of my beautiful children.  We are so fortunate to have them.  They both love their teachers and their class.  It seems it is going to be a very good year.  When we got to school and walked in I told Coop we would take Sis in to her classroom and then go to his.  He never stopped walking and just looked back at me and said, "It's all good, go with Sis." and he walked right down the hall to his classroom.  He is so independent and confident.  Raelynn grabbed my hand and directed me to her room.  She at least still needs her Mom a little!

Monday, August 4, 2014


Sometimes I have so much to say but really don't have enough time to say it so I just sum it all up and post pics that really tell what we've been doing.  However, tonight is a little different.  I still have so much to say and not enough time to say it but this time pictures just won't tell the whole story.  Life is full of emotions and I think they were all wrapped up in the past week……

So I left off on our last post as we were headed to CMH for Coop's cardiac appointment.  All I wanted was answers and we did get some.  The problematic valve that Coop has is leaking more now than it was just 6 months ago based on what they are seeing in the Echo.  We have always struggled with this valve as it has been worked on several times.  In order for the doctors to really be able to see what is going on in there they are going to do another cardiac catheter.  If you remember this is where they thread a long flexible tube up through his groin and up to the heart to get pictures of what is really going on in there.  This is an exploratory catheterization and used for diagnostic purposes.  However, his cardiologist thought they should take it one step further and be prepared for a surgical catheterization and be prepared to insert the Melody Valve if Coop's coronary system can handle it.  This valve is what we have been waiting for.  It is the first FDA approved Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve.  It is inserted through the flexible tube (catheter) and placed in the heart.  If able to preform this procedure it will eliminate the need for open heart surgery for the time being and potentially for quite a few years.  The scary part is that the catheter has to be fairly large and there is question whether Coop can handle this large of a catheter without fear of rupturing a Major vessel or worse.  The other scary part is that if his coronary system is not strong enough for the Melody Valve then how long can we prolong things before we have to have another open heart surgery?  If we were to have open heart surgery again it would be Coop's 4th in 6 years and those are not very good odds when you start looking at survival rates taking into account the scar tissue and other issues that arise from multiple open heart surgeries in a short amount of time.  Therefore, I have to say I am a little nervous this time.  Coop is as well.  The older he gets the harder some of the details and emotions about surgery and treatments get.  Coop knows everything is not alright and he knew when we went on Wednesday there were probably going to be some discussion as to what comes next.  He was very fidgety and at times acted very silly.  He was still wonderful during his testing doing exactly as they asked and even telling them where to put the "stickers" for his EKG but once Dr. Kaine entered the room he was nervous.  As we were all talking about what we may or may not do Coop said, "or we could not do it."  It made me sad because he so gets all of this now.  He has told me a couple times since that he does not want another surgery and I just remind him that I don't care to have another surgery either but that we will do whatever it takes to make sure he is here every night for me to snuggle with.  So that is where we are at; waiting for Margaret to call from scheduling and get us on the books.  Then we will start the waiting game, the game of trying to get every pound we can on Coop and the game of trying to avoid all illnesses!

Thursday I took the day off to spend at the fair watching Raelynn in her Rabbit Judging.  She made me so proud not in the ribbons she received but in the way she received them.  The girl is so in her realm there.  It is astonishing to me at how her passion gushes from her ever movement, every smile and every word spoke.  She had an amazing week at fair and did so very well.  I also cannot say enough about our amazing club leaders.  These people embraced Raelynn like she was there own.  They taught her so much and gave her such a wonderful experiences.  I really cannot say enough about this wonderful family.  There is no doubt in my mind that we found the best club in town!!!

After a long week it was finally Friday and web were headed down to Tom and Jan's at the Ozarks for the weekend.  Right before I left for work we got a call from Aunt Bonnie.  Charm, the horse Raelynn learned to ride on and the horse that everyone loved so much was going to have to be put down after a quick illness.  There were tears from all of us.  It wasn't until late Saturday night that it really hit Raelynn thought.  We were down at the lake and she had been in bed for a bit.  I saw her get up and I went to check on her only to find her crying hard.  She said she was saying her prayers and Charm just came into her head.  She said she was trying so hard not to think about it.  Her tears were not just for her loss but for Aunt Bonnie's and her cousin Megan who all had a special bond with Charm.  It was truly heartbreaking to watch her feel the loss of an animal and one as special as Charm made it even harder.  I finally convinced her that maybe now Nanny was in heaven riding Charm and she should be happy for them both.  This seemed to comfort her greatly knowing that Nanny and Charm were together.

Besides that sadness, We had so much fun.  Terry and I relaxed why Tom and Jan tended to our kids, Lol!  Really they did entertain them entirely.  We had a great time and only wished it could have lasted longer.  Thank you so much to Tom and Jan for opening their home to us and seeing to it that we had a fantastic time.  (Don't worry Jan I won't include how you caused me to sprain my wrist and bruise my knees, hahahaha).

We came back on Sunday and then the kids headed back to Western Kansas with my Mom.  I hate seeing them go.  I know I should enjoy my time alone and tonight as I ran a billion errands and didn't get home until 8pm, it was slightly nice to not hear anyone say "I'm hungry!" but that does not make up for the silence and emptiness of the house for the rest of the evening.  Those two make me laugh and bring so much happiness that is all just seems a little more boring without them.  I'm already counting down the days until I see them again.  Luckily I have some great friends that will keep me entertained while they are gone and MAYBE even Terry and I will take a little time to relax together.

Tonight and every night I thank God for giving me more love that I deserve and giving me more to love than I ever knew was out there!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


It is unbelievable how much our kids can have without really doing much! Raelynn has been at the fair this week. Her amazing club leader has taken her under her wing and invited her to spend the entire week with them at the fairgrounds. Raelynn had so much fun! She bathed animals and walked them and fed them and so much more. 

I picked her up and headed home around 7pm. It wasn't 5 minutes before I looked to the back seat and saw this...

She was wore out but it was so fun to see her so happy and excited. She received blue and purple ribbons in photography and clothing and rabbit judging is still to come. We dropped her off this morning at 8am and hope she has another fantastic day!!

While Raelynn was busy at the fair Coop hung out with Terry. Luckily for Coop it was Dad'd golf day so he had a blast too. 

He had a blast as well and I think Dad had fun with him around too. He did pretty good for his first time and even got a $1 out of the deal from Tom Lol!  Today it's off to his cardiac appointment where I can only hope we get some answers!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 28, 2014


Every day I am thankful for the blessings in my life and there are many.  I am so fortunate to love and be loved and to be happy and to bring happiness.  I honestly can say I have close to the perfect life.  However, even knowing that every day, there are still some days that top all.  Watching my kids grow and learn and shine with pride and happiness has to be the best.  Last week was the start of the Douglas County Fair activities and Raelynn was all in this year.  This girl was born to be a farm girl and she lives and breathes for events like this.  Last week she had Buymanship which included putting together outfits and activities and then answering questions about the outfits and how to care for them.  I so wished I could be there for her but I misunderstood the schedule and had not taken the day off work.  Luckily her wonderful Aunt Bonnie was able to take her.  She had so much fun and did such a wonderful job.  She demonstrated great eye contact with the judges and spoke so well during consultation.  She earned herself 2 purples and a blue and received 2 call backs, all of which was fantastic.  My heart was so full with pride. 

Then Tuesday was the Fashion Show where she modeled one outfit of her choice in the fashion show in front of the public, another huge confidence builder.  Again, she made me so proud.  

MacKenna and Raelynn

While we were working on fair Raelynn and Cooper were also scrambling to VBS each night.  The week was long and exhausting but so much fun.  We also squeezed in riding lessons on Wednesday and then there was Friday which was the 7th Annual CCF Golf Tournament!  It was another fantastic year and even though it was insanely hot, we still had a great time.  Aunt Steph came over to help the kids raise over $100 selling lemonade and Rainbow Loom Bracelets.  I love my sister, she is no typical first time parent.  It was 100+ degrees and she did not even flinch to set out under a tent with her sweet Haddie at just 3 months old.  She has no idea how much her relaxed efforts will benefit her daughter in the long run.  I love watching her be a parent and am so proud and the job she and Cody are doing already.  Love them with all my heart and am super thankful for her help!

 So after a long Friday in the heat, Raelynn and I were back at it bright and early Saturday morning at another horse show.  Raelynn was trying out a new horse Saturday so the day came with some excitement.  She did good job and loved the new pony.  Her only reservation in completely falling in love with Patches was her fear that she would have to give up her current Pony, Moon.  It would be her first real loss and I am telling you it will be a very difficult goodbye!

Introducing Patches
We got home Saturday night and were exhausted and so dirty.  We showered and then could do not much more than snuggle in bed.  However, I did manage to try my first braid on Raelynn. It was not perfect but I may actually be able to do it sometime in the near future.  Raelynn said she was proud of my patience but the end product could still use so help!  Gotta love a smarty pants!
 Sunday was a regrouping day and a day to complete Raelynn's final fair projects.  Tonight we submitted all her projects and she had consultation in photography where she picked up another purple. Coop helped her with her bunny for a bit before he found himself bored out of his mind.  This boy was not cut out for this stuff!
 Tonight when we got home a special surprise waiting for Raelynn.  It was her annual scrapbook.  She immediately went to the couch and began looking at it page by page.  It is because of this that I continue to do them.  I love making them feel special.
So we still have much fun to be had.  Tomorrow Coop spends the day with Terry while Raelynn spends the day at fair.  Wednesday Coop has a cardiac appointment and Raelynn will again be at the fair.  Thursday is bunny judging day so I will be at the fair with Raelynn and then Friday we leave for a weekend at the Ozarks………I CANNOT WAIT!  Then the kids leave for Mom's on Monday, that I can wait for.  I miss them already!